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"Great job, I will highly recommend it. I want to thank you very much once again. You also helped to make our day so beautiful and unforgettable. I felt sexy and happy. :) Greetings to hairdresser Lucy, my hairstyle was a huge success too. I felt amazing and beautiful, everyone praised how beautiful we were, they all had their mouths open and were speechless. "

Bride Eliška, Podhorie

"You were really amazing, you made our look so beautiful, we were all very happy. Thank you again for the GREAT makeup, which I was extremely happy with. It held until morning. You made me a princess."

Bride Miška, Rimavská Sobota,  wedding video


"I want to thank you very much again, I was very happy with the make-up and everyone liked it. And most of all, thank you for the wonderful approach, professional but also human."

Bride Vaneska, Bratislava


"I want to thank you very much for the great, beautiful make-up. As you put it on me in the morning, it still held up 3 a.m. Although I was sweaty like a mouse, my mascara or shadows were still there. I was extremely satisfied and when they my parents saw me, they just said Wooow. We had a great time at the wedding and Miška was like a princess. I want to thank your skillful hands once again, thank you, you were such a sweetheart, darling and especially a great make-up expert. "

Mary's wedding

"Hi Mirka. You made us all beautiful. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your maximum professional work and also for being such a great and optimistic person."

Bride Maťka, Banská Bystrica, wedding in Banská Štiavnica


"Miri, I'm looking goergous! I'm so so happy. Miri, I'm beautiful. Thank you."

Bride Monika, Banská Štiavnica (after bridal make-up trial)

"I was very happy, I was so beautiful with the make-up and I really didn't use powder or shine all night. Nothing. It held me fantastically and I was very happy. You're great! I'll send all the girls to you because it's amazing and I know that they will be as happy as I was. Thank you again. "

Bride Baska, Bratislava

"Thanks again for the beautiful visage that lasted until the morning and I really felt good. I'll be happy if you use my photos, so the other brides can see how  you can help with the visage."

Bride Zuzka, Banská Bystrica

"Thank you very much again for a really beautiful makeup. I was very happy. I had a good time."

Bride Erika, Žarnovica

"Hi Miruska,  First of all, I would like to thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for the amazing make-up. Thanks to you, I also felt exceptional all day - as evidenced by the tears that my husband shed when he first saw me. It was one of the most beautiful moments of the day. I am incredibly happy that I chose you as a make-up artist, you have amazingly handy hands and I will definitely recommend you to everyone. What is still very valuable is your approach, either to your work, but also to the customer himself. I felt relaxed with you and I didn't think about stress at all. The make-up lasted until the next day and also kept the wedding photography all the time. So thank you again and I'm happy to have the honor to meet you. "
Bride Gabika, Zvolen
"Hi, Mirka, the make-up was absolutely great, it lasted all night;) and I felt like a princess. The whole wedding was fabulous :)! Thank you!"
Bride Miška, Svätý Anton
"Hi, Miruška moja, it was great, we had fun until 5:00 in the morning :) The make-up was great, I was very satisfied, thank you very much again, you're a big šikulka :)"
Svadobčanka Vlaďka, Banká Štiavnica


"Hey darling, I'd like to thank you both once again for making me such a beautiful bride .... you're supeeeer:) PS: The wedding was absolutely perfect."
Bride Lucka, Žarnovica
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